A1 & Lyrica steal the show on, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Ep 4!!

Lyrica A1Maybe I’m tripping?? But I am so entertained by this A1/Lyrica situation!! I get stressed and overwhelmed by this whole Safaree involvement in their situation! For those who haven’t tuned in to Love and Hiphop Hollywood, last week Safaree revealed to Ray-J that he allegedly slept with cast mate A1’s wife Lyrica. I keep wondering what I would do if I was A1? The only thing that comes to mind is killing Safaree (but then I would go to jail, oh well). Would I take her back? Heckkkkk noooo!!! I feel bad because for some reason I hope they breakup. What are your thoughts? Should A1 stay with Lyrica or naw??