A1 & Lyrica steal the show on, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Ep 4!!

Lyrica A1Maybe I’m tripping?? But I am so entertained by this A1/Lyrica situation!! I get stressed and overwhelmed by this whole Safaree involvement in their situation! For those who haven’t tuned in to Love and Hiphop Hollywood, last week Safaree revealed to Ray-J that he allegedly slept with cast mate A1’s wife Lyrica. I keep wondering what I would do if I was A1? The only thing that comes to mind is killing Safaree (but then I would go to jail, oh well). Would I take her back? Heckkkkk noooo!!! I feel bad because for some reason I hope they breakup. What are your thoughts? Should A1 stay with Lyrica or naw??

Safaree…Nice guy or Savage?

So I’m watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was Safaree (strayyyeeett) & A1 arguing over whether Safaree smashed Lyrica (A1’s wife) or not. Since Safaree has been on Love and Hip Hop he has been known as the nice guy. But in this particular episode Safaree seemed more savage that nice. When A1 asked Safaree what’s going between him & Lyrica (A1 ‘s wife), Safaree replied, “b@’s love me??” What happened to nice guy Safaree?? Thoughts?? Is Safaree still a nice guy or a savage?